ReFacing Kitchen Cabinets

Our expertise are not just
limited to painting cabinets
but extend into hand-
making custom kitchen
cabinets to fit your needs,
and refacing kitchen
cabinets in Vancouver. If
you decide to give your
kitchen a make-over, or
need to add extra storage,
we can match your new
cabinets to your existing
design or completely renew
If you want a kitchen that is
fit for kings, you donít have
to pay like one; contact
Refinishing Kitchen
today and get the
kitchen of your dreams!
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Welcome to Refacing Kitchen Cabinets, where we make your dream kitchen accessible to you! We specialize in refacing and restoring your kitchen cabinets using the latest methods and technology. You can give your kitchen a completely new look, with the costs and inconvenience of a complete remodel.
Economically Revolutionize your


with Speed!

Let us add function and beauty to your


Beautify your kitchen at extremely low costs

Our highly skilled craftsmen make use of the best materials and equipment to give you a finish that is flawless, elegant and infinitely beautiful. We take pride and joy in what we do, and treat every piece of cabinetry with utmost care, meticulously covering each inch with perfection. The results we give you donít only look great, they will last you a lifetime.
We work with all kinds of materials, styles and any color or shade you desire. Depending on the current state of your kitchen cabinets, we clean, sand and smoothen, fix, prime and then paint them  to make sure the colors you choose are bright and true, and your cabinets look as good as new.
Refinishing your kitchen cabinets
allows you to breathe new life into your kitchen without having to rip it apart and start anew. If you like the way your kitchen is laid out, but not the state it is currently in, repainting your cabinet is your best option. Old, stained, scratched and chipped cabinets can be instantly restored to their former glory or better yet, to a completely new look!
Refinishin kitchen cabinets
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